I love designing logos! What I think I enjoy most about it is the sense of achieving the right personality and communication for a client. A good logo is in my opinion is representative of the personality of an individual or a service. Shown here is a handful of designs I think achieve that target.

Logo Design


Webpage and Social Media


Over the years browser technology has changed and website design improved. In my time designing for the web I have attempted to create clean easy UI and have always maintained an emphasis on the aesthetic regardless of browser limitations or back end restrictions. Here is a small sample of site landing page designs and bespoke Moodle themes.

Yes you guessed right! That is a flappy bird game. This isn't just a re skin though. I developed the whole thing from layout through to sprite design and programming.  For a few years now I have contributed assets or design and development to several mobile compliant apps. I am eager to continue doing so and expect several more games or utilities will be added to the pile in the near future.

Mobile App and Asset Design and Development


Character Design, Creation and Animation.

My absolute favorite thing to do is design build and animate characters. If this was the only work I could get I would be in heaven. This is but a few of the characters I have created or designed for promotionals, TVCs and games. 


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