I have over 20 years experience with 3D applications and animation. As I have worked on a job to job basis in the past, I have had to use several different 3d software. Some to generalist level others to expert. They include 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema4D, Blender 3D and Weatherscape XT. This reel shows a range of character and motion graphic animations. Including broadcast designs for several weather shows using Weatherscape XT.

Also with over 20 years experience I have utilized many different software for video editing and effects. They range from After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Kdenlive, Premier, Digital-Fusion, iMovie and Blender3D (sequence editor). The work shown here was created on a shoe string. The client wanted me to work onsite but had no editing software and no budget for new equipment. As all my hardware was in storage I had to be inovative. I salvaged one of the companies discarded PCs and formated it with the Ubuntu OS. Then using open source Blender3D and Kdenlive I was able to finish the job to the customers satisfaction.

Video Editing and Effects

3D Animation and Broadcast Design.


Often I will manage projects with team or client and stakeholder communication as a requirement. Over the years I have developed software that shortcut processes and speed up development tracking. Shown here is a tool that builds the directory structure of a project, copies templates and admin documents to the respective locations and writes the html5 interface for a Gantt and kanban. Plus it includes a project preview window and buttonlinks to several useful resources. All at the touch of a button. Once given access, a team member or stakeholder can see at a glance the progress of the project.

Choose items

to add.


structure created

Project plan

interface built

Bespoke Project Management Software Development


If I don't have it, I'll build it. I'm always finding myself in situations where I want a tool but can't find it on the internet. In moments like these I invest a little time and I build it. The example shown is for a tool that writes the correct script for tasks in Adobe Captivate. These can then be added to an AS3 script or the JavaScript window in Captivate itself. This tool has cut my development time by half. I no longer have to refer to manuals or online resources. I just choose the function from the list on the left and 'click', the code for AS3 and JavaScript is made available.

Supplemental Software Development


I have often needed to find a pose for a learning agent that I couldn't find on many of the stock image sites. I might find a character that suits the personality of the agent needed for an

e-Learning but not the exact pose. It's situalions like these that I find a bespoke 3D character gives me more scope. I can pose them any way I wish. I acheive these using free software like Makehuman and Blender3D. 

Learning Agent Character Development


Along with 3D animation I have a long history of traditional 2D animation and I was originally trained at Disney studios. One of my favorite items to develop is 2D sprites for games and leader-boards. One such game / leader-board, was a racing game designed for e-Learning. It included all sorts of characters. The runner here was one of these. He would move forward when a certain number value (score) was achieved by his learner. Giving the sense that the learner was gaining on his other competitors in a race.

Animated Sprites and Characters

In all my years animating and developing multi media the strongest tool I have found to insure client - stakeholder and producer communication is the storyboard. I have probably drawn up a hundred of these in my career, even if just a quick sketch. I also prefer to draw up multimedia architecture maps well before mock-ups and user testing. That way everything is clear in my mind and my clients. As a benchmark for a concept you can't get anything simpler or more powerful.

Data is sometimes very boring stuff. But as it needs to be conveyed quickly in online learning and public information graphics. It has to be visual and aesthetically pleasing. My skills include making data look good and information become appealing, not only in static presentations but motion graphics as well. I have over the years successfully developed ways to show data so that it is displayed in professional and contemporary ways. 


Storyboards and Architecture Mapping

Manipulating Data as Graphics.